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At Wanezek Family Dentistry we work as a team to ensure that you achieve your optimal oral health. Whether we provide treatment in our office or utilize our network of exceptional specialists, we will help you receive consistent and comprehensive care. Our experienced and friendly staff will help you discover the best options to match your style.

Crowns Done In One Visit with CEREC Technology!

Life is busy. At Wanezek Family Dentistry, we make sure your visits are efficient and timely. That’s why we offer CEREC technology that allows for a faster and better experience when you need a crown. With CEREC, there is usually no need for return visits. We have 20 years of experience with CEREC and have completed thousands of restorations.

Highlights include:

  • One Visit
  • no impressions
  • no temporaries
  • metal free
  • highly aesthetic
  • long lasting

Click here to learn more information according to a comprehensive 10 year study of the Cerec System.